Back into intros?

Following my unsuccessful attempt to post about the latest Saul Williams album last week, I decided I’d go back to basics and do a post on my top tunes from last year. It would have made more sense to do this first anyway…. I had spent over an hour writing a diatribe on the release of the Saul Williams album and it’s positive/negative response. Alas, this will never come to light (might not be a bad thing…). I wasn’t quite as pragmatic upon loising it last week!

Saul Williams

So, anyway, here is my best of 2007. It’s a Top 22. Strange, yes, but this would fit onto a CD should anyone see fit to burn themselves one. It should also be noted that this is the first part of two, and what I’ll refer to as the ‘indie’ section. An ‘electro’ best of is coming soon… Some of this isn’t exactly ‘indie’ (M.I.A. anyone?) but it didn’t fit in electro and as I only created two categories. Tough luck.

The 22 tracks are in a zip file here. The tracklisting is below:

1. The Answering Machine – Lightbulbs ‘A fantastic single. I first got into ‘Silent Hotels’ when it was released through High Voltage but this track pips it, especially after seeing them at the Scala where they were considerably under appreciated. We’ll hopefully get an album in 2008, but they may be another band hyped by A&R’s too early who never get a proper record deal or album. I hope not.’

2. Black Kids – Hit The Heartbrakes ‘Superb indie pop from America. So many American imports fail to impress me but Black Kids and their ‘Wizard of Ahhhs’ EP bucked that trend. Any song from this EP could have made the list. Another fantastic live band who’re rightly tipped for 2008′

Black Kids

3. Blood Red Shoes – It’s Getting Boring By The Sea ‘A close call between this and I Wish I Was Someone Better. This wins as it had more plays on my iTunes on my laptop and at work!’

4. Bright Eyes – Four Winds ‘A more up-tempo Bright Eyes number and lead-off single from the sublime Cassadega album. Conor Oberst returns in style.’

5. Foals – Mathletics ‘Another band where it was a very hard decision between songs. This time between this and Hummer (both of which have been left of the debut album – due March ’08 – I think). Same decision making as Blood Red Shows wins….’

6. Fortune – Bully ‘This is a track I got onto late in the year… and something i’m really excited about for 2008. A mixture of indie and electro that works, sounds like a hit and doesn’t have a chorus! Genius.’

7. Good Shoes – Morden (Metronomy Remix) ‘Never been a huge Good Shoes fan, nor Metronomy for that matter, yet the two combine in heroic fashion for this stunning remix of an average track.’

8. King Creosote – Home In A Sentence ‘I think everyone in the world fits into one of two categories a) a King Creosote fan or b) a King Creosote fan in waiting.’

9. Kings of Leon – Ragoo ‘Because Of The Times was possibly my album of the year and this was my favourite track. This must surely be a single at some point?’

Kings of Leon

10. Los Campesinos! – We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives ‘Title of the year? Songs not bad either! Late onto this band but was quite the discovery upon hearing this. Incredible.’

11. Lykke Li – Everybody But Me ‘Whilst everyone seems to be wetting themselves over Adele, Duffy etc etc no-one seems to be mentioning or tipping Lykke Li but in my eyes this is a massive hit. Moshi Moshi could have a gem on their hands who could possiby usurp all….’

12. M.I.A. – Paper Planes ‘Are there anymore plaudits that could be thrown at M.I.A.? She’s superb. This track stood out a mile for me on first listen to Kala. Now being released as a single despite MTV censorship helping to ensure it doesn’t sell. When will the masses learn/be allowed to hear/see M.I.A.?’


13. The Mae Shi – Run To Your Grave ‘Another Moshi Moshi band and another superbly kitch indie single. Should be huge…’

14. Malcolm Middleton – A Brighter Beat ‘Despite all the hype around We’re All Going To Die around Christmas, this song shits on it. I created a playlist for my iPod earlier in the year and this was track 1, 2 and 3. Brilliant.’

15. Modest Mouse – Dashboard ‘Before this track the band were known to me as ‘that Float On band’. The introuduction of Johnny Marr to proceedings was a stroke of genius as this single proves…’

16. Of Montreal – Cato As A Joun ‘A fantastic album with so many stand-out moments. This track wins by a nose as it has the best riff… One of my gigs of the year when they played with Black Kids at ULU’

17. Radiohead – Reckoner ‘This track immediately sttod out from the album for me. Hanuting, gorgeous, melodic and beatiful. Thom Yorke thinks Videotape is the best thing they’ve ever done. I’d tend to disagree.’

18. So So Modern – The New International ‘Now i’m pretty sure this isn’t the full title of this track, but having seen them at 229 earlier in the year I immediately ordered all four 7’s available (as a set) and downloaded everything I could. This came from myspace and you couldn’t see the full title. NZ’s answer to Foals.’

19. Sons & Daughters – Darling ‘Why aren’t Sons & Daughters massive? This and Gilt Complex are huge songs. Get this track as soon as humanly possible. E-mail me thanks to…’

20. Super Furry Animals – Carbon Dating ‘SFA can do no wrong in my eyes. Hey Venus! was a splendid album and their best since Rings Around The World. Carbon Dating was the twisted highlight. i daren’t think what they were smoking….’


21. Supergrass – Diamond Hoo Ha Man ‘Technically not out until 2008 but it was everywhere from the beginning of Decemeber, so bollocks to you. A great comeback from Supergrass after some lean years. What a riff. Let’s hope Mick Quinn’s back is fixed soon!’

22. Willy Mason – We Can Be Strong ‘Willy Mason’s second album didn’t seem to get the column inches it deserved. Perhaps all the hype surrounding the first put people off. This track (the single version) is the best thing he’s ever produced and a fitting way to bookmark any compilation.’

Hope you enjoy.


3 Responses to “Back into intros?”

  1. tomstanford Says:

    Not sure if i’m right about Lykke Li, but Adele seems the person to have tipped. Her single is at #5 in today’s midweeks…. Whoops!

  2. It’s not currently available on sendspace. i was looking forward to enjoying it

  3. tomstanford Says:

    Nilina – will re-host for you tonight. Send me an e-mail to and i’ll forward you a link…

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