A present.

I was given the Sons & Daughters new album just before Christmas and have been listening to it constantly since. The album, This Gift, is their third following 2004’s ‘Love The Cup’ and 2005’s ‘The Repulsion Box’, all released through Domino Records. This Gift is due for release a week on Monday (28th January).


I’ve enjoyed both previous albums, but neither has had the immediacy of This Gift. Late last year, the band released ‘The Gilt Complex’ the first track to be lifted from the album and album opener. It starts with a typical S&D guitar riff and pulsating basline, before the vocals kick in. Then the guitar begins taking off, the bassline remaining constant, and rolling drums accompanying the whole thing. It’s a great way to start any album… I won’t post that track here as it’s readily available already, but here’s the video:

New single ‘Darling’ is a smash in my eyes and can’t believe it hasn’t taken the band further… The “twisting in, twisting out…” chorus is ridiculously catchy. It also features both male and female vocals stretching to their limits…

Sons & Daughters – Darling – removed at request

S&D Gift S&D Darling

The majority of the tracks on this album are very simple and feature just guitar, bass, drums and multiple vocals. The simplicity of the make-up of the songs, more then showing off the skill and craft of the song-writing. Another of my favourites from this album is the Smiths-like ‘Iodine’. Again, fantastic use of both vocals throughout.

Sons & Daughters – Iodine – removed at request

I saw Sons & Daughters for the first time since the ‘Love The Cup’-era at an in-store at Fopp last week and they were amazing. Playing to a very quiet, polite, sparsley populated Fopp basement didn’t knock them off their stride and they performed with a passion and fervour most bands would put aside for bigger shows. So impressed was I, that I bought tickets the following day to their forthcoming show at ULU (supported by Black Kids no less…). Alongside their version of first single ‘Johnny Cash’ which was interspersed with ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog‘ by The Stooges, another highlight was the album closer ‘Goodbye Service’. Great use of ba-ba-da-ba-ba-ba-dah’s!!

Sons & Daughters – Goodbye Service – removed at request

Got loads of other bits and pieces recently, one of which is this fantastic James Yuill Remix of ‘Lightbulbs’ by The Answering Machine (see best of 2007 – indie). It was on the covermount of the new Artrocker magazine – get the magazine as it’s a great read and the rest of the covermount CD is well worth the investment (just for ‘Frustration’ by The Whip if nothing else).

The Answering Machine – Lightbulbs (James Yuill Remix)

Whilst on the subject of covermounts… This month’s Mojo has a Radiohead-inspired OK Computer themed CD. Amongst these was a Gary Numan gem from the ‘Replicas’ album . Seriously brilliant and seriously Bowie-esque!

Gary Numan & Tubeway Army – Down In The Park

Gary Numan

I also got this fantastic track from over at Said The Gramophone as part of their Top 50 tracks of 2007. A real treat from a band I’d never heard of before this…

Parts & Labor – Fractured Skies

Oh, and you know when you’re listening to an album on your iPod, it finishes and you’re towards the end of a tube journey or it’s raining or something and you just stick it on ‘shuffle songs’ to get you home? Well, sometimes it throws up some hidden gems. Hadn’t heard this, or any Yo La Tengo for ageeeees, and this little treat came on. Very special.

Yo La Tengo – Little Eyes

More electro coming soon… I promise!


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