Hot Hot Shit.

It’s no wonder that Hot Chip are among the top bands in ‘blogworld’. Their new album ‘Made In The Dark’ stretches everything from their career to date into 13 astonishing tracks. The sounds, squeels, reference points and influences continue to rack up, not to mention the mixture of wit and humour (see ‘Wrestlers’) and serious messages (see ‘In The Privacy Of Our Love’) eminating from their lyrics.

Da Chip

I’ve been a long-term fan, having invited the band to play our club night Shuffle back in 2003. An invitation they accepted and played a storming show (despite the sound problems – my bad). Since then, signing to EMI (DFA) has seen them being thrust upon a new (mainstream) audience, who’ve lapped up the delights they have to offer with equal enthusaism as there ever faithful early adopters.

‘Ready For The Floor’ was the much-talked about track the band offered to Kylie. How this track wasn’t taken on is beyond me, but her loss is our gain. This track is out now and has been posted hundreds of times, so I won’t here, but the video (featuring Alexis in full on ‘Two Faces’ mode) is below. A must watch (as most of their videos are….).

Having got the album llate ast week, I spent the entire weekend listening to nothing else. The first track to really stick out, and what I consider a sure-fire bet for asingle release, is ‘Wrestlers’. Perhaps inspired by the Greco Roman club night which Joe is involved with, this track shows Hot Chip off at their adorable best. Great vocal tag-teaming from Joe and Alexis (and others?), with a really simple synth line and beats. The lyrics are fantastic with Alexis warning ‘here we come, drop kick, half nelson…’ and Joe responding with ‘bodyslam, suplex, headlock…’. Genius. Check it below.

Hot Chip – Wrestlers

The album opens with ‘Out At The Pictures’. Another great track. More beaty then ‘Wrestlers’ it’s long instrumental opening is a perfect tonic for the rest of the album, and when it kicks in about 1:45, you can’t help but want to get off your seat and jump around. It’s Hot Chip declaring they’re back. A song that makes you beam from ear-to-ear as it sounds like them talking directly to you.

Hot Chip – Out At The Pictures

Hot Chip

The album closes with two more of the splendid Alexis-led ballads. My preference of these ‘In The Privacy Of Our Love’ is a really simple track, that’s beatiful and a fitting way to close the LP.

Hot Chip – In The Privacy Of Our Love

So to put it simply. Hot Chip are geniuses. Buy this album. It will be among the albums of the year (already). You can also download the title track for free from here.

Here’s another old school Hot Chip treat for you all. One of my faves of all time…

Hot Chip – Baby Said

As well as Hot Chip I’ve been listening to ‘Chrome Dreams II’ by Neil Young a LOT. His 30th studio album no less. It’s fantastic. If you’ve got a spare 18 minutes, check the track below. You will not be disapointed.

Neil Young – Ordinary People


Another couple of tracks I’ve been listening to recently are below. You need to give the Poni Hoax a bit of time (let it get past the vocals, then tell me you don’t like it!!). MGMT track is superb and from the new album. Rilo Kiley track is simply because they’re ace and I haven’t got round to doing a full post on them yet.

Poni Hoax – Antibodies

MGMT – Kids


Rilo Kiley – Silver Lining

Get Involved.


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