Missing Music

Over the course of owning, well, music I’ve always lost CD’s/vinyl, leant them to people who’ve never returned them, left them in rental cars, etc etc. Here’s a list of (some of) them. It always feels a bit wrong re-buying stuff (especially when there is so much good new stuff) so should anyone see fit to want to return my original, buy me new or give me their copy of any of the following I’d be most grateful. Upon recieving (or finding) any, they will be crossed off the list.

Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes – Digital Ash In A Digital Urn (CD)

Hot Chip

Hot Chip – Coming On Strong (CD)

Cat Power

Cat Power – You Are Free (CD)


Whitey – Leave Them All Behind (12″)

The Jam

The Jam – Snap! Greatest Hits (Vinyl)


Blur – Think Tank (CD)

More to follow…..

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