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TWS – A Short History…

Posted in Music with tags , , , , , , , , on January 4, 2008 by tomstanford

With a test post completed, i guess the best thing to do with any mp3 blog is to start posting some music. I’m sat typing away listening to Bjork’s ‘Debut’ album which i could post in full I love it so much, but this is a post where i intend to give the intrepid reader a brief history of my work in the music industry, so that, down the line, you won’t suddenly think “why the fuck is he going on about The Blood Arm so enthusiastically”.

My first job within the industry was working at Traffic Marketing. A “street team” company. A good idea for young kids and a fantastic way into and introuction to, the industry. The validity of street teams in my mind however, remains, well, questionable. I could sit and debate the pro’s and con’s but fear that would turn people off rather quickly… Whilst I was here we worked with many different labels, from majors like Sony (not BMG at the time), EMI, Virgin, Island, Mercury to major indies like Rough Trade and Domino, and even some smaller indie labels like Red Flag, Southern and Fantastic Plastic. There are many more i’m sure, but that’ll do for now. The band’s varied greatly in quality too, but here are a few of the records I worked on which I actually liked:

The Bronx ‘Strobe Life’
The Fiery Furnaces ‘Crystal Clear’
The Concretes ‘Miss You’ – Rolling Stones Cover
Eastern Lane ‘Saffron’
The Blueskins ‘Lager and Lime’

We also worked with… Razorlight, Keane, The Kaiser Chiefs, The Go! Team, The Mars Volta, Franz Ferdinand, Blink 182, Nine Inch Nails, The Vines etc etc.

Following Traffic I had a short stint at Protest Recordings most notably working on an event at ULU which featured Ladyfuzz (now broken up – boooo), The Cazals (who haven’t yet broken up – boooo), Akira The Don and Mr. Hudson & The Library, as well as Eddy Temple-Morris on the decks.

I then moved onto City Rockers where I remain to this day. City Rockers is now both a label and a management company. I’ve worked here for a couple of years and have been invovled in the release of the debut albums from The Sunshine Underground ‘Raise The Alarm’ and The Blood Arm with ‘Lie Lover Lie’. We’ve also released singles by these artists and The Ghost Frequency┬áincluding quite a few remixes on TSU and TGF. A few of my favourites are below:

Photobucket Photobucket
The Sunshine Underground ‘Panic Attack’ – from the debut album ‘Raise The Alarm’
The Ghost Frequency ‘We Built These Walls and Watched You Howl As You Knocked Them Down’ – b-side to recent single ‘Never Before Have I Seen A Man Alive That Looks So Exactly Like A Skeleton’!! Check the video for the single below:

The Blood Arm ‘Do I Have Your Attention?’ – taken from the debut album…

As mentioned, City Rockers is also a management company. These are the bands we look after. Check ’em!
The Sunshine Underground ‘What You Like’ – released as lead track on Japanese EP. Video (very funny) below.

Middleman ‘Good To Be Back’ – released recently by Bad Sneakers Records
Big Face ‘Drink Juice Like (Demo)’
Paris Trading ‘Annie (Demo)’

We were also, until recently, managing Hush The Many (Heed The Few), whom i’d like to give a nod to as they remain a fantastic band…

Hush The Many (Heed The Few) ‘Live @ R1’

This roughly brings us up to date!