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Following my previous post about my top tunes of 2007 indie-style, it’s now time to embrace the music which i like gurning too… I’ve done another zip folder of all the tracks. This time it’s a top 13, again to fit onto one audio CD. Some of these tracks might not actually have been released in 2007, but hey, that’s when I got into ’em…

I’ve tried to keep this to only one appearence per act (DatA appear twice – bit of an oversight). As a result, some awesome remix work from Herve, Soulwax and Crookers missed the cut. The stuff included are smashes though, so get invovled…

You can download the zip file from here.

1. Adam Sky vs Mark Stewart ‘We Are All Prostitutes (Crookers Remix)’ – a hit on all the blogs and easy to see why. Perfect for DJing and what a treat from 1:40 onwards with the build into that amazing hook. Ahhhhh….

2. Cursor Miner ‘Skunk Works’ – Only discovered this album this year, argh, what have i been missing… Well, this.

3. DatA ‘Aerius Light (Kitsune DJ Friendly Edit)’ – Lifted from the forthcoming Kitsune Maison 5 compilation. French genius.

4. David E. Sugar ‘Oi New York, This Is London’ – David E. Sugar is doing it for London here… Wasn’t amazed with the remixes but the original is fantastic. Check the Greco Roman club night this is associated with…

David E. Sugar

5. DJ Mehdi ‘Signature (Thomas Bangalter Edit)’ – Everything about this track is great. Made the right decision in putting this edit on the album, which is amazing and you should check out. The ‘wobbly’ bit about 2:30 is superb. Check the video below (the guy in it looks like a cross between Martin Fowler and Jack Penate!).

6. Fancy ‘What’s Your Name Again? (Busy P Remix)’ –  So heavy. So good. So many confused looks when i first started playing this at the beginning of the year.

7. Felix Cartel ‘Moss vs. Tree’ – A surprising choice perhaps, but a fantastic track which remained on playlists throughout 2007 for me and continually played out.

8. Klaxons ‘Gravity’s Rainbow (Soulwax Remix)’ – A plethora of choices of tunes from both Klaxons and Soulwax to choose from but this mix has everything good about both these artists. The constant almost tribal nature of the track is unique and something no-one else but Soulwax coud have come up with when remixing this track.

9. Mel Merio ‘Domino Dancing (Extended Club Mix)’ – who’d have thought a Pet Shop Boys cover would be such a hit. A storming tune that smashes the dancefloor. Everyone loves the 80’s really…

10. Partyshank ‘Partyshank vs. Yo! Majesty (Shanks Bootleg Mix)’ – A bootleg I ripped from another blog site (can’t remember which – sorry). This is mental. So much going on. I defy anyone to not dance to this… Partyshank set to be huge in ’08.

Partyshank 1

11. Teenage Bad Girl ‘Cocotte (Boyz Noize Rework)’ – Again a track that stayed by my side like a faithful dog throughout 2007. More booty bounce going on.

Teenage Bad Girl

12. Tepr ‘Minuit Jacuzzi (DatA Remix)’ – More fantastic French genius. In many ways, the ‘Fench’ sound is becoming old hat, but when you still get frsh mixes like this, you wonder if it will ever end..

13. Unklejam ‘Love Ya (Herve Remix)’ – A superb way to end the compilation. The booty bass heard in all the Herve/Sinden etc mixes is very evident. An absolute smash.